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I've achieved my dream of becoming a global influencer with the privilege of serving the masses from anywhere in the world. I have impacted thousands using my unique mindset tools and now I want to help you too. 


…to help you break free of old archaic systems. Using powerful, unique, mindset changing tools, and cutting-edge relationship and development strategies.

My passion in helping others achieve extensive personal abundance in all areas of life is powered by my vision…



In order for anyone to create a positive impact to better the world, they must first commit to bettering themselves. My specialty is in helping entrepreneurs develop their leadership skills in order to serve at the highest level possible. 

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Fasana is a Spiritual Advisor, Master NLP and Success Coach for entrepreneurs who desire more balance, love and abundance. She is known for powerfully helping women shift their mindset from scarcity to abundant thinking - resulting in prosperous manifestations in their health, business and relationships.

Spiritual truth is expressed in many forms - metaphysical, religious and secular - to name a few. Our ability to choose which perspectives we decide to view the world through is a superpower that we all have the prerogative to tap into, should we choose to put in the time, money and energy. It’s been said that our thoughts become things, therefore, when we change our thinking – we change the world. Fasana is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming who applies universal spiritual themes throughout her work – coaching clients, inspirational speaking, writing articles – with the main intention of education, inspiring and empowering the masses. She has the privilege and pleasure to witness miraculous transformations occur when we shift the nature of our thinking and actions from fear, lack and scarcity to faith, love and abundance. The core of these teachings is simple: to provide spiritual and universal truths in order to release fear from our hearts and replace it with the acceptance of love. From a metaphysical perspective, every experience begins with a thought and our experience changes when we change the nature of that thought. Our thoughts become things in all instances and in all areas of our lives. If you have a problem in any area – whether relationships, health, money, or anything else – the first place to identify a solution is in the nature of your thinking. This applies to money, sex and fulfilment no more or no less than it applies to anything else.

"Before I worked with Fasana, I was overwhelmed with a lot of emotions that were slowing me down in my business. My judgment was totally off and clouded by negative energy. I felt like I had to be strong and masculine for the world because that was my success strategy for so long. Working with Fasana is really refreshing. She made me feel safe and really took the time to understand my problem and my needs. She helped me become my authentic self as a confident woman. After working with her, I have so much more confidence and clarity in all of my relationships. I feel so confident in my decisions and I noticed that I get things done faster which increases my productivity in life and business. I am so blessed to work with Fasana. When she tells you that things just keep getting better and better, trust and believe that she knows her stuff. She helped me take off my masculine mask so I could show up as myself - peaceful and graceful – not like a corporate white man. I highly recommend her if you are thinking of working with her. Her program will change your life and give you results!"

Cherene Francis
Marketing & Branding Expert, Television Show Host, Devoted Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Entrepreneur, Friend & Woman

"I approached Fasana after overhearing her speaking divinity into a phone call - I just had to know who she was. One thing led to another and I knew that I had to work with her. Within 7 days of hiring her as my Coach, I was able to communicate my desire of wanting to step into my own light and away from our family business of 11 years. We've only worked together for a couple of months now but I have seen significant changes and results in my personal relationships, health and fitness goals. Her way of working with you is like no other and will inspire you to become the best and greatest version of yourself each and everyday. I am no longer becoming frustrated with small inconveniences that would have normally shifted my focus for hours if not days. Rather, I am acknowledging the trigger, working through it immediately so I can get on with my day in the most positive ways possible. I highly recommend working with her if given the opportunity!"

Simran Kaur
Business Consultant, Devoted Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend & Woman

"After only 2 weeks of working with Fasana, I doubled my usual monthly income. Her tools, techniques and creative abilities helped widen my perspectives and allowed me to create a more effortless approach to how I do business. The result of my tweaked behaviour has dramatically increased my sales conversations, client base and team. Her work is profound because she is able to identify unconscious limiting beliefs that I had no idea existed. Before beginning our work together, I had a lot of fear and insecurity around showing up on social media and only wished that I could record videos with her confidence. After completing her program, my confidence, speaking skills and social media presence have become extremely powerful."

Melissa Byers
Health & Wellness Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach, Incredible Mother, Girlfriend & Woman

"Before I started working with Fasana, I knew I had some limiting beliefs that were going to hold me back from the success that I desired. I was immediately attracted to Fasana's confidence. I didn't believe I could be successful on my own terms, but listening to Fasana tell me what was possible, I knew I had to work with her. She believed I could be successful before I did and I love that about her. Fasana gave me the tools to help me effectively address and OVERCOME the "negative nellies" that would always show up when my confidence dipped. Instead of wallowing in my own negative story for days, I now know how to squash it and get on with the business of making money! She is a strong, energetic and she keeps it real. I highly recommend Fasana as a coach to anyone who is struggling to fulfill their desires. "

Jennifer Dent Brown
Life, Health & Success Coach, Loving Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend & Woman

"Fasana’s process is like no other I’ve experienced. She was able to get me to immediately let go of blocks that I had been working on for ages! As an entrepreneur, my mind was always so busy with all of the responsibilities on my plate – hated the stress. Afterwards, I felt so much more peace, openness, confidence, excitement and clarity. It was an eye opening experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to boost their confidence and improve their head game in business."

Vickie Gould
Entrepreneurial Empowerment Coach, Beautiful Mother, Wife, Daughter & Woman

"My sessions with Fasana helped me realize that every problem has a solution and that I am in control of my life. Life was happening to me, not FOR me. This realization as to how to take more responsibility, make better decisions and play BIG opened up all of these possibilities that I did not know existed. I released crippling anxiety and anger that took a toll on my body and relationships for a very long time and gained this self-confidence, gratitude and sense of self-love I never had before. As a result of my newfound confidence, I even earned back the investment I spent to working with her shortly after our sessions had started. No meeting is ever an accident as we are all connected in some way and we are all magnificent and powerful beings. If Fasana crosses your path, acknowledge the significance if she invites you to work with her and accept her proposal! Your life will be changed for the best in all ways possible."

Claudia Medeiros
Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Health Care Practitioner, Amazing Daughter, Girlfriend & Woman

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